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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy details the provisions for personal data collection and processing and how this data will be utilized by IDCardBuilder.Net. It is only applicable to webpages that are a part of IDCardBuilder. In the event that you are redirected to another website through any of the links on our webpages, the privacy policy of the consequent webpage will be applied. Make due research in such instances to find out how your data will be handled.

General Data Processing Information

1. What personal data is collected?

When registering on IDCardBuilder.Net and placing an order, you will be required to provide relevant information such as your full name, email address, phone number, picture, residential address, and payment details. Other information may also be required that helps us in the provision of our products and services.

2. Why do we collect your personal data?

The sole purpose of personal data collection is the provision of our products and services. Personal data will only be collected and processed upon the express permission of the user. An exception will be made in circumstances when it is impossible to obtain prior permission and when data processing is permissible by law. Contact information may also be collected for future promotions pertaining to the contents of our website.

3. When will your personal data be collected?

You may be required to provide relevant personal information at several stages of the ordering process. This includes registration, ordering, payment processing, and post-order processing until your order is delivered.

4. How will we use your personal data?

IDCardBuilder.Net will use the personal data collected for the following purposes:

  • To personalize the user experience and recommend the products and services that might interest you
  • To quickly process the orders that you place on our website
  • To verify and process payments
  • To display products in line with your specifications
  • To better address your customer service requests
  • To send occasional emails about newly introduced products and special deals and discounts

5. How is your personal data protected?

In order to ensure that your visit to IDCardBuilder.Net is secure, the website is regularly scanned for vulnerabilities that may compromise your personal information. Malware and other security threats are scanned for on a regular basis.

The personal data that you provide during your usage of our services is stored behind a secure network and can only be accessed by authorized persons. These are staff members who are directly responsible for processing your orders and generating the ordered products. Such persons are under obligation to keep your data confidential.

Extensive security protocols have been put in place to ensure that your visit to our website and the ensuing ordering process do not compromise the security of your personal data.

6. How can you modify the personal data you have provided?

In the event of any changes or corrections to the personal information provided, you may contact us directly through the website, email, or any other contact channels outlined in the Contact section of our website.

Please note that personal information required for your order can only be modified until we start creating your ordered product. No data modification requests will be entertained once your ordered product has been generated.

You can opt out of any promotional emails and newsletters by requesting us through any of the outlined contact channels.

7. Will your personal data be revealed to any third parties?

IDCardBuilder.Net will under no circumstances sell, trade, or reveal your personal data to unconcerned third parties. In the event that your data needs to be shared with a third party, you will be informed in advance. Any personal data will be shared after attaining consent from you.

This excludes website hosting providers and other entities whose assistance is essential in keeping the website operational and providing you with the products and services you require. All such parties are bound to keep your information confidential.

Your information may also be released if IDCardBuilder.Net is legally requested by law enforcement authorities in the interest of public safety.

8. How long will we hold onto your personal data?

IDCardBuilder.Net will only store your data as long as is required to process your order and deliver the product.

All sensitive personal data is removed from our database once your order has been dispatched. Basic contact information will be retained even after product dispatch in the interest of providing aftersales support and future promotions.

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding the aforementioned privacy policy, you can contact us through any of the contact channels outlined in the Contact section of the website.